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Total AV Reviews: New Applications

Total AV is now a promising antivirus solution. It has had its ups and downs over the years. However, the program is advancing and improving the quality of services. The early versions were very poor and often failed to protect. Let’s sum up the most important things you can find in the Total AV reviews.

Highlights of the antivirus

The SAVAPI anti-malware engine is now in charge of detecting and blocking viruses. Total AV now can offer high-quality protection for any device. The system also works on the main operating systems and platforms. They include Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. However, smartphone applications are more limited. As a rule, they only include some optimization tools and basic malware protection for online browsing.

Desktop versions have more applications and extra features. They include a personal firewall, identity protection tools, a disk cleaner, a system boost, and some other utilities that secure smooth performance as well as safe browsing.

The developers aim to create a complex solution that will take care of all security and maintenance needs.

Protection peculiarities

Firstly, the SAVAPI engine detects most of the malware, viruses, and other cyber-attacks. Other applications that come as a part of the protection bundle, include web protection. It scans the sites and downloads for traces of malicious activities. Everything suspicious is blocked to prevent malware from getting to the device.

Total AV is said to have perfect anti-phishing tools. The feature detects all phishing sites and some scams to prevent unfortunate situations.

This antivirus has anti-spyware applications that block threats related to stealing personal information. Whenever you type anything (passwords, banking information, etc.), Total AV protects it from hackers.

The scanning options offer auto-scans and a manual scan. A user may set up the latter according to one’s preferences. The settings make manual scans very customizable.

Real-Time protection always runs in the background and monitors the system. The feature aims to prevent viruses from getting to the device instead of dealing with the afterward results.

Premium plans also bring additional applications like a VPN, a password vault, etc. They enhance security and anonymity by protecting your personal information and identity.

How to get the most from Total AV?

According to the Total AV product you pick, the program brings a set of features, tools, and additional applications. To get the best possible experience, one needs to explore all of them and start using them to one’s advantage.

For instance, a user may activate Ad Blocker to hide the ads on the websites and decrease the chances of getting malware from there. The tool is integrated into the antivirus system and a user may enjoy its advantages for free.

 A Safe Site tool is a utility that scans the search results and sends warnings in case a user tries to access the suspicious sites. It works as a part of the software meaning a user may keep using the preferred browser.

Other tools one should explore include a disk cleanup, identity protection tools, a password manager, a VPN, a personal firewall, and others. Each of them can bring tons of advantages and ensure data safety.

The verdict

Total AV may not be the best on the market yet. However, it looks like the developers have this goal. The program brings complex protection and a set of optimization tools to ensure smooth performance and complete security. A new SAVAPI engine scores high detecting different kinds of malware and threats preventing the loss or corruption of data.


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