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PureVPN Review

Most of the VPNs present about 90 percent of similar services on the market. It creates struggles for newcomers of the security field to choose the most appropriate application. Even though users usually know their requirements, it is a real challenge to define the best proposition from the market with tenths of suggestions.  This PureVPN review is focused on helping the person to make a final decision.

The best proxy services are easy to use, reliable, and secure. PureVPN is one of those few proxy services that really has all of the above qualities, as well as some additional features. Developers are sure that their product is designed to make it even more comfortable and safer to use VPN services. However, a detailed look at this application is a necessity as the characteristics above can be used for most of the protection services.

Positive Features

The PureVPN network consists of more than 750 servers located in 141 countries, which is an outstanding result even for the market leaders. It allows using of literally thousands of available IP addresses. The service offers a variety of connection settings that can be used to protect your work online securely.

PureVPN offers one more unique feature – creating a so-called Split-tunnel. Only a few VPN services provide this ability to their customers. In other words, with this function, you can configure certain parameters of your applications. For instance, one can use specific but different settings for various sites, which require strict local information like governmental institutions.

Another noteworthy feature of PureVPN is the ability to shut down the connection via the emergency button, which can be needed for unexpected disconnections. The ability to work with a dedicated IP address and option for configuring VPN on the router seems to be a common one, but not all of the services present those features. Furthermore, accepting bitcoin payments can be met even rarely in their competitors’ suggestions.

What relates to the technical side of the issue, the number of available protection protocols can impress. The service supports PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN, and Stealth protocols. If we add a split-tunneling, the technical side of PureVPN will look even better. An elegant and user-friendly interface with many features and settings shows that the company’s development department is rather attentive and works really good.

In short, the list of PureVPN advantages looks as follows:

  • Split tunnels to work with relevant sites
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support and 365 days a year
  • 750 servers in 141 countries
  • Support for simultaneous connection of five devices
  • Support for different platforms
  • Customizable connection protocols

Negative Aspects

Outstanding advantages of PureVPN are looking good, but some features spoil the impression. Thus, the company maintains logbooks of your usage and can present that information for the government if needed. In fact, nothing serious for ordinary usage but paid protection often means full security and safety, which is not available while using PureVPN.

What is more, problems with security can be even worse. Despite the fact that logbooks are saved for only legal needs, they cannot be sent to any offenders. At the same time, DNS/IP leaks are a more common problem and were spotted during tests. Another not really dangerous aspect, but in sum, we’ll get two issues related to security and confidentiality, which creates bad feelings.


PureVPN is a quality service that offers its users flexibility, convenience, and almost full level of security. The facility boasts not only a variety of customizable options but also secure encryption, as well as several other impressive features, such as a network of thousands of available IPs and 180 server locations, which is growing daily, using “Use Intelligence” and more. Besides, PureVPN offers its users 24/7 real-time support. At the same time, logbooks maintaining and leakages of DNS spoil the general impression and forces to read more about the potential dangers while using PureVPN. What relates to pricing, it was not mentioned in either section as they are too familiar with the current market situation.

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