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IPVanish VPN review

Among the most Famous VPN suppliers available on the market is IPVanish. We’ve tested IPVanish, and here we will share our brief IPVanish review. Keep on reading to see IPVanish screenshots and learn more about the VPN provider.

IPVanish ReviewThe first impression is essential when you search for a trustworthy and easy to use VPN tool. IPVanish scores high from the very first moment on, since their webpage is quite simple to use and simple to understand. They don’t have tons of packages and prices, but when you make a subscription for a certain amount of time, you will have the right to connect to each of their servers in all their states in that period.

Once you have Created a subscription, you can readily obtain the IPVanish customer that’s simple to use as well as your grandma could understand how to use the IPVanish client. One of those things we liked about the IPVanish client was the simple fact that it writes the ping time of the different servers besides the host city and nation, which makes it much simpler to connect to the server with the very best ping in a specific state, instead of wanting every

IPVanish lets Its users use their VPN subscription on as much as ten devices at precisely the same moment. That is a great update as they sooner just enabled that on 5 devices. This means that you can quickly go with your whole family and pay for a single subscription, or perhaps you’re able to buy a subscription with your student friends or colleagues on the job!

IPVanish prices

IPVanish is a Typically priced VPN provider (three-month package will cost you 27 USD).

IPVanish servers

IPVanish has a Total over more than 40000 IP addresses available on more than 1100 servers at a total of 60 countries (and developing ). You can even filter out if you would like to connect to different protocols, just the fastest servers and much more. A more thorough article on the works from the IPVanish application can be found here.

IPVanish Speed tests

To Write this IPVanish review we had to test the rates of the IPVanish servers. You will find IPVanish servers in plenty of countries so that things will change, but in general, we can say that their speeds are excellent and we were satisfied with the results.

We did a comprehensive IPVanish speed test, and below are some of the outcomes that came out from that test. You may click the link to get the complete results, but to soon summarize everything, we got rates anywhere between 0,1 Mbps and 240 Mbps. An error likely caused the most rapid speed, therefore we had been greatly satisfied with all the results (besides that you ) during the IPVanish rate test.

IPVanish and Their logging policy

According to the IPVanish privacy policy, they “do not collect, monitor, or log any traffic or use of its Virtual Private Network support, under any circumstances, on any stage.” They may gather some information about when or how the application might crash, but they aren’t assumed to collect any information about your internet activities as you use IPVanish.


Anticipate a Fantastic performance of its 700+ servers in over 60 countries worldwide. 40,000+ IP addresses offer you practically excellent access to everywhere and everything.

IPVanish fights Against geo-targeting. Using its support and multiple IPs, nobody can identify you or your actual site. Feel safe and protected.

This VPN’s Servers are doing a fantastic job by bypassing any geo-restrictions. Be prepared for an electronic trip to anywhere around the world. You may rest assured knowing you could access the sites, programs, TV stations, etc. despite some conditions that can get in the way, like geographical constraints or censorship.

IPVanish and Unblocking websites

I have been a big Enthusiast of IPVanish for a long time, but in recent years, they haven’t managed to stay as very good at unblocking sites like others. IPVanish is owned by Mudhook Marketing, the company who also owns StrongVPN. And, it seems as they push their energy in making StrongVPN the perfect VPN for unblocking sites, while IPVanish is much more about merely keeping you safe online. To put it differently, if your goal is to unblock BBC and ITV in the UK, to get American Netflix, to see Hulu or Amazon Prime, or some other website, you may be better off with StrongVPN or any other VPN service.

IPVanish inspection conclusion

IPVanish is a Very superior VPN provider with reasonable rates, an excellent no-logging policy, which They May is not the best if You Would like to unblock Popular streaming sites, but if IPVanish can do precisely what you desire a VPN provider To do, it may be ideal for you!

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