How to Get Free VBucks in Fortnite

The article presents a review of effective methods to earn free VBucks necessary for having specific game items in Fortnite

Why Look for Free VBucks in Fortnite

One of the fascinating features of Fortnite is that you can customize the game by purchasing various Skins and Styles, Packaxes, Backblings, Wraps for them, etc. To obtain these items, you have to spend some VBucks – the in-game cash. VBucks in its turn can be purchased with real money, of course. However, there are ways to earn them for free.

Not a Good Way to Get Free VBucks

Before proceeding to the reliable methods of earning free VBucks in Fortnite, we want to warn you that you will not find so-called free-vbuck generators among them. The reason for that is quite simple – all of them seem to be mere fraud. The only result you can get is a ban on playing the game.

Valid Methods to Earn Free VBucks in Fortnite

The majority of the below-stated ways of obtaining Free VBucks are those requiring some investment in the game. However, the price is worth the rewards you can achieve in the long run. Consider the following 7 methods of getting VBucks in Fortnite for free.

  • Method 1. Buy Fortnite Season 6 BattlePass and obtain 1,000 VBucks as well as additional Skins and other terrific items.
  • Method 2. You may opt for a free mode and still be rewarded with a gift of 300 VBucks.
  • Method 3. Since you purchased your BattlePass, you have unlocked the in-game Special Quests that are often the source of freebies for the players.
  • Method 4. They offer you to join Fortnite Crew for £9.99 per month. Fortnite Crew is a subscription service that can be handy itself. In addition, all members receive a monthly Crew Pack of the game items like Outfits, Packaxes, and so on. The most tremendous thing is that you get your 1,000 VBucks each month as well!
  • Method 5. Buying some of the packs can bring benefits. For instance, the Diamond Diva pack is only £3.19 but it will fetch you 600 VBucks. The Golden Touch Challenge Pack for £9.99 offers you even more – if you complete its quite simple challenges, you will obtain 1,500 VBucks.
  • Method 6. Participate in Limited-Time Events and Cups by Fortnite They happen from time to time and to stay informed, we recommend you to follow the Fortnite & FNCS Twitter account not to miss new offers and your chance to get more freebies.
  • Method 7. Attend Community Battles in which some of the players earn no less than 20,000 Free VBucks!

Thus, you can see that the game itself serves as rewarding means for its players. There is at least one way to gain Free VBucks without spending a penny. The other methods require some expenses, however, by doing this you will be generously gifted with fantastic game items and additional VBucks.

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