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Here is the century of this smartphone. Our mobile devices occasionally have more processing capability than our desktop computers and the Internet is always there to offer a complete package of amusement. The power that this gives us is immense, but so are the dangers. It may seem counter-intuitive, but you know that it’s accurate — securing your Android apparatus is as critical as securing your desktop computer, for this specific reason we came up with this very best VPN for Android cellphone in 2019 list.


Quite a few, we have IPVanish. This is only one of the quickest VPNs around, and that it owes to the fact that it possesses the system it uses.

But speed and vast Network aren’t this supplier’s only capabilities. It provides cheap rates, multiple protocols, powerful encryptions, and also a complimentary, easy-to-use program. You may use it on various systems and devices, such as Android. As a result of its speed, it’s ideal for downloading or streaming. Also, it permits you to use it on five distinct devices at the same time.

Another great Thing is it keeps no logs, which is suitable for achieving solitude. There’s also a valuable customer service that’ll be there for you if you want any help. And lastly, should you decide you don’t enjoy it, then you’ve got 7 days to use its cash return guarantee. It’s a more than an adequate supplier, and it serves several happy clients.


We discovered ExpressVPN to be rapid and comparatively stable. Our web took a mean 13% hit concerning speed. But, remember that the rate will change a bit based upon your version of Android, the price of your telephone, internet connection, etc.. However, in our view Express VPN’s program should enable you to get the most significant possible rate.

Another great Thing about the program is the simple fact that it makes obtaining all of the sophisticated features very simple. You may tap the settings and select from several encryption protocols. If you have used the background version of the program, you will end up right at home using the Android variant also. Did we say that one subscription functions for both the desktop and mobile versions of this program?

Among the very Exciting attributes of Express VPN’s program is its backward compatibility. So, the program works with the hottest Android Oreo and all of the ways back together with Jelly Bean.

Recommended Location: When you tap the program to start this up, you are presented with a preferred place. It’s often the quickest and closest server which causes the fastest net experience. Only one tap connects you to the host. You could even pick from a choice of servers around more than 50 nations. Besides, you may save servers as favorites to create obtaining them faster.

OpenVPN Security: ExpressVPN’s Android program like the rest of the programs we have reviewed utilizes OpenVPN safety protocol. On the other hand, the distinction is that OpenVPN is defined as the default protocol.

ExpressVPN’s program Is every bit as capable as the contest. Possibly the one thing which sets it behind the match is its steep cost. A higher price may turn some folks off. However, the extra reliability appears to be attracting many. And of course how the program is super simple to use!


– A number of those Finest VPN rates

– Thousands Of servers

– Simple to Use


– Expensive

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost’s Android program is some of the very best out there that justifies its 4.3 scores on Google Play. It’s also among the earliest Android VPN programs on the market with over 49,654 counting and reviews. But as of late, the business has enhanced the program much, which makes it simpler to use and placing all its attributes a tap off.

The large Gap between the desktop version and the android one is that using the program, and you do not access all six manners. We were able to do either by locating the ideal servers for every single through the”select my server” attribute. In brief, many qualities had to be eliminated, so the android app variant was simpler to use.

When analyzing Speeds, we discovered that CyberGhost’s Android program needed a 25% negative impact that’s to say is not one of the very best but not the worst either. Utilizing servers farther away has around a 50 percent fall in rate. Thus, you might choose to discover the quickest, closest server when using a slower link through many 4G users would not notice much of a decrease in rate during regular usage.

What do we like About the program?

A few Attributes makes CyberGhost stand out that include:

DNS and IP escape Security: Coupled together with the VPN kill button these attributes on an android cellphone make a good deal of sense because users are always moving in and out of online connection zones. Additionally, it contains zero logging along with a range of several encryption protocols.

App security: The attribute is one of our favorites since it prevents programs from sending data that is encrypted.

Specialty Servers: Specialty servers such as P2P and loading make it fast and straightforward to get these providers on your cell phone.

Picks the best Server: CyberGhost’s program was made to choose the best potential host for you. Typically the rate is excellent and a terrific way to link without needing to navigate through a listing of servers.

CyberGhost is Additionally among those very few VPN service providers to offer you a completely free 7-day trial because of the Android program. Additionally, there’s a 30-day no questions asked guarantee that applies to all variants of this program.


– Many servers

– Military grade encryption

– Complimentary 7-day Trial


– Not simple to newcomer users

Bottom Line

Android users should observe — they are much better off to the VPN market compared to their iOS brethren. Most top VPN providers offer you similar feature sets on both the Android and desktop apparatus. Our Top 5 most excellent VPN for Android cellphone in 2019 listing is a fantastic place to begin your journey towards a milder cellular experience!

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